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Accounting For Non-Accountants

This course introduces you to the building blocks of accounting and employs innovative business simulations to explain basic concepts, such as revenue, costs, assets, and liabilities. It highlights how the ‘accrual’ principle creates a fundamental difference between profit and cash flow and how double-entry bookkeeping ensures that the ledger is always balanced. The themes covered include, among others, financial statements, and accounting terminology.

Instructor: Elie Akoury, PhD
Start date: June 21, 2022
End date: August 9, 2022
Schedule: Tuesdays & Thursdays | 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Duration: 15 hours
Delivery mode: Online
Course fee: 130 USD

Business Logistics Management

Through its 4 topics (International Logistics, Risk and Insurance; Production and Distribution Channels; Warehousing and Inventory Control; Customs Rules and Regulations), this course is designed to help you:
- become acquainted with the evolution of transportation through time and space;
- explore a sustainable, multidimensional approach to modern transportation worldwide;
- learn how to transform a concept into an actual final product or service that meets the expectations of suppliers and consumers;
- discover the various types of warehouses and management systems;
- acquire a comprehensive understanding of modern warehouses by exploring their main functions and objectives;
- conduct a full clearance procedure for imports and exports;
- identify the preventive measures used by public authorities to fight against corruption.

Instructor: Mr. Jeff Abou Hamad
Start date: June 25, 2022
End date: July 23, 2022
Schedule: Saturdays | 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Duration: 20 hours
Delivery mode: On campus
Course fee: 200 USD

360 Leadership

This master course covers 360-degree leadership, leadership styles, strategy and strategic planning, and emotional intelligence in addition to other important topics tailored for the new organization. Today’s leaders face the challenge of influencing people at various levels of an organization, since 99% of all leadership occurs not from the top, but from the middle of an organization. The 360-degree leadership course explains the principles that help leaders bring value and influence from anywhere in the organization, enabling them to lead up, lead across, and lead down. Many managers with leadership responsibilities feel that because they are not the main leader, they cannot influence their bosses, peers, and subordinates. Once they can incorporate these principles into their own style of management, they will be able to influence others in every direction and become a 360-degree leader.

Instructor: Marwan Stambuli, PhD
Start date: June 20, 2022
End date: June 22, 2022
Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday | 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Duration: 12 hours
Delivery mode: On campus
Course fee: 130 USD

Strategic and Decision-Making

This workshop offers extensive training on strategy, strategic planning, strategic decision-making, and creative problem solving by explaining the concepts of creative thinking and the techniques to master the thinking and decision-making process. Strategic management is the ongoing planning, monitoring, analysis, and assessment of an organization’s needs to meet its goals and objectives. Changes in business environments will require organizations to constantly assess their strategies for success and ensure their ability to make the right strategic decisions.

Instructor: Marwan Stambuli, PhD
Start date: July 18, 2022
End date: July 20, 2022
Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday | 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Duration: 12 hours
Delivery mode: On campus
Course fee: 150 USD

All about Lip Blush & Infralashes Eyeliner

This course covers everything you need to know about the lips and eyeliner PMU industry and will teach you how to implant pigments targeting specific areas to give an overall natural beauty finish.
In the first section, you will learn all the fundamentals of enhancing natural lip color, how to improve and define the shape of the lips to give the illusion of fullness, and how the treatment enriches their color and vitality.
The second part of the course will cover how to select proper eyeliner pigments, depth, and pressure, and teach you everything you will need to attain amazing results and retention.
Live demonstrations and hands-on practice will teach you how to master the hand and body positions of a confident beautician.

Instructor: Mrs. Natalie Nemer
Start date: July 4, 2022
End date: July 5, 2022
Schedule: Monday & Tuesday | 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Duration: 8 hours
Delivery mode: On campus
Course fee: 700 USD
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