Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. in Archeology and Art History

60 credits


Common Core
AAR785Art History
3 credits
This course examines the dimensions of art in education (schools and universities), in public life (museums and archeological sites), and in the market of cultural property (exhibitions, galleries, auctions). Students will examine a collection of art works from the artistic Lebanese heritage published by the Institute of History.
AAR710Art and Archeology in Ancient Lebanon
3 credits
This course provides students with an overview of excavations, which have taken place in Lebanon since Ernest Renan until the present day. Students will study the representative artistic elements and learn to recognize the lasting characteristics of art in Lebanon.
AAR720Art and Archeology in the Ancient Near East
3 credits
This course will provide students with an overview of the excavations in the Near East, and study the representative artistic elements. Students will learn to recognize the lasting characteristics of art in the different areas of the region: Mesopotamia, Persia, Anatolia, Syria, Phoenicia and Palestine.
AAR730Art and Archeology: Near-East in the Late-Empire 1566
3 credits
The Roman era is one of the richest ones concerning spectacular monuments. Students will study the different and representative sites and monuments in Baalbek, Palmyre, Gerosh, Petra, Cesaria, and Jerusalem.
AAR740Teaching Art and Archeology
3 credits
From the results of the excavations, the course studies the architectural sites, sculptures, ceramics, paintings, and other minor arts. It will focus on the uses of the materials in different fields and areas.
AAR796FThesis Archeology and Art History
45 credits
AAR796EThesis Archeology and Art History
    |    Pre-requisite: AAR796D
AAR796DThesis Archeology and Art History
    |    Pre-requisite: AAR796C
AAR796CThesis Archeology and Art History
    |    Pre-requisite: AAR796B
AAR796BThesis Archeology and Art History
    |    Pre-requisite: AAR796A
AAR796AThesis Archeology and Art History


The Ph.D. Program focuses on research techniques and the methodology of thesis writing. Students will master the methods of developing and substantiating the results of their theory and on-site research.
Beside their research work, students deepen their knowledge of Lebanon’s history, art history and historiography.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Graduates will conduct thorough research, and master the use of sources and methods of writing a thesis.
2. Graduates will deliver professional oral presentations.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will classify, organize and exploit research sources.
b. Defend their research in an optimized timeline.
c. Pursue their research in a limited time.
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