Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. in History

60 credits


Common Core
AAR785Art History
3 credits
This course examines the dimensions of art in education (schools and universities), in public life (museums and archaeological sites), and in the market of cultural property (exhibitions, galleries, auctions). Students will examine a collection of art works from the artistic Lebanese heritage published by the Institute of History.
HIS730Civilization of the Near-east
3 credits
This course studies political thought in the Arab world since the Renaissance period. It considers the papers of the first reformists, those of the contemporary Islamists and tries to reveal the causes of the conflict between the Shiites and the Sunnites in the context of the Arab Spring.
3 credits
This course shows what really distinguishes history as a scientific discipline by giving equal consideration to both its theoretical foundations and to its practice. Students look at the historic genres which prevail in Europe and in America, and examine the historiographical trends which are apparent in Lebanon and in the bordering countries.
HIS720History of Contemporary Lebanon
3 credits
This course approaches, in a critical and analytical way, the themes of Lebanese contemporary history since the establishment of the Emirate of Chehabs until the Doha Agreement. The content of the course is based mainly on primary sources: diplomatic documents, archives of various institutions, manuscripts, periodicals, memoirs, etc.
HIS784Social History
3 credits
This course deals with several key issues in Lebanon, such as sustainable development, demography, labor and problems related to it, massive urbanization, emigration, the decline of political parties and the trades union, etc.
45 credits    |    Pre-requisite: HIS796E
    |    Pre-requisite: HIS796D
    |    Pre-requisite: HIS796C
    |    Pre-requisite: HIS796B
    |    Pre-requisite: HIS796A


The course focuses on research techniques and the methodology of thesis writing. Students will master the methods of developing and substantiating the results of their on-site research.
Beside their research work, students deepen their knowledge of Lebanon’s history, art history and historiography.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Graduates will conduct thorough research, and master the use of sources and methods of writing a thesis.
2. Graduates will deliver oral presentations.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will classify, organize and exploit research sources.
b. Defend their research in an optimized timeline.
c. Pursue their research in a limited time.
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