Faculty of Letters

(To become Faculty of Arts and Science starting September 2019)

Ph.D. in Language Sciences and Traductology

60 credits


TRD734Literary Translation Seminar
3 credits
This seminar concerns the theoretical framework, on one hand, and practice and evaluation of the translation of French literary texts into Arabic and vice versa, on the other. It enables exchanges between students, who may be interested in the translation of literary works, and could one day become professional literary translators.
Ph.D. Dissertation
45 credits
Ph.D. Seminars by Doctoral College
3 credits
TRD732Seminar: Interpretive Theory of Translation
3 credits
This seminar aims to give graduate students the opportunity to understand the dimensions of the interpretive theory, especially its triple process of understanding, deverbalization and re­expression. It also aims to help them to situate this theory among other contemporary translation theories.
TRD733Seminar: Pedagogical Translation
3 credits
This seminar aims to give graduates the opportunity to explore the different techniques of pedagogical methods of translation, especially at the University.
TRD731Seminar: Research Methodology
3 credits
This seminar aims to give graduate students the means to acquire methodological skills that are essential to the development of their dissertation, according to internationally accepted standards. It aims to help them respond quickly to the questions coming from the topic they choose, to organize their work, using the information available to them, in the writing of the dissertation and to learn how to manage the defense.


The mission of the Department of Modern Languages and Translation is to train doctoral students in higher education and research in the fields of Language Sciences and Traductology.

Program Educational Objectives

Training future university teachers of translation and translation studies.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will be able to work in research centers.
b. Be able to teach translation in secondary classes.
c. Be able to teach translation at the University.
d. Be able to teach language sciences at the University.
e. Be able to translate and publish literary translations.
f. Be able to develop and publish research in translation.
g. Be able to teach contemporary translation theories.
h. Be able to manage linguistic consulting firms.
i. Be able to assist in the development of academic curricula.
j. Be able to work in international organizations.
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