Do you have good writing skills and a passion for sharing knowledge? Do you enjoy helping others with their writing assignments? You can apply to become a peer tutor at the USEK Writing Center and benefit from a discount on your tuition fees.

We seek qualified, supportive, and thoughtful writers from all majors who are looking to further develop their writing skills and acquire interpersonal experience.

Students who wish to become peer tutors will attend a training session in the strategies of writing and writing tutoring. The training is usually delivered in July.

Conditions for application
  • Be a graduate or undergraduate student who has completed at least 60 credits in their current major.
  • Have an overall GPA of at least 88/100.
  • Have proven exceptional writing skills and interpersonal skills, including attentiveness, empathy, respect, patience, and courtesy, a must for working closely with students of varying abilities.

Students who wish to apply must send their request at:, and attach the following documents:
  • a CV.
  • an academic transcript.
  • a brief statement explaining why they want to become tutors.
  • a recommendation letter from a faculty member attesting to their writing and interpersonal skills.
  • at least one recent academic writing sample.

Nomination of a Student to Become a Tutor
Are you a faculty member who would like to recommend a student with strong writing and interpersonal skills? You can:
  • advise the student to reach out to the USEK Writing Center and visit its webpage.
  • send your recommendation directly at:

You can also invite one of our tutors to your class for a short presentation of the services we offer or encourage your students to visit the USEK Writing Center in person and seek assistance to enhance their writing skills.
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