The USEK Writing Center offers writing assistance to students. Its main mission is to develop their writing skills and provide free writing support for students of all levels and at any stage of the writing process by offering in-person consultations during which writers can brainstorm ideas, adopt different writing approaches and strategies, and receive feedback from a well-trained tutor. By helping students think critically and analytically to become more skillful writers in the long term, the goal of the Center goes beyond assistance on specific assignments, as it aims to enhance student learning so that students apply fresh skills to the next writing task.

This service is available to USEK students from all backgrounds and specializations.

As a space for dialogue and exchange, the USEK Writing Center provides:
  • in-person or online one-on-one consultations with well-trained tutors and experienced writers.
  • writing resources that are available on the USEK website.
  • workshops on writing techniques.
  • a space to write, think and exchange.
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