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The resources offered by the USEK Writing Center provide concise information on a wide variety of writing skills and techniques. The USEK community is granted free access to these resources that help writers through the writing process.

Organizing writing Improving writing techniques Improving writing mechanics
Research Paper: Outline Reading and Note Taking
Capitalization Rules
Analytical Research Paper Brainstorming
The Use of Apostrophes
Argumentative Research Paper Outlining
Scientific Report Reverse Outlining
Scientific Progress Report
Internship Report Summarizing
Active/Passive Constructions 
Abstract Avoiding Plagiarism
Run-on Sentences
Introduction Connecting Ideas through Transitions
Thesis Statement Writing Concisely
Literature Review Hedging
Parallel Structure
Paragraph Structure Consistency and Coherence
Reducing Informality in Academic Writing
Conclusion Reading Aloud
Comas, Semicolons, and Colons
In-text Citations and Full Citations Revising Drafts
Common Verb Tenses
  Writing a PowerPoint Presentation: The Do’s and Don’ts
Online Resources to Improve Word Choice and Grammar
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