USEK Counseling Center (UCC)

The assistant
1. The UCC assistant is a psychology student at USEK.
2. The assistant works under the responsibility of the psychologist.
3. The assistant’s essential functions are:
  • to handle administrative management (organization and coordination of tasks);
  • to manage administrative records;
  • to maintain correspondence with the relevant administrations as needed;
  • to coordinate and organize the projects implemented by the UCC.

Psychologists operating as UCC assistants
1. The UCC provides at least two assistant psychologists.
2. They should hold a Master’s degree in Psychology.
3. They should provide proof of at least two years of professional experience.
4. They participate in all UCC activities and work under the supervision of the psychologist in charge of the UCC.

PhD students operating as UCC assistants
Students enrolled in a PhD in Psychology at USEK perform several functions under the supervision of the psychologist in charge of the UCC:
1. They participate in the training provided by the UCC.
2. They participate in research.
3. They participate in group work and any other function recorded by the psychologist in charge.
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