Pontifical School of Theology

Master of Arts in Theology

60 credits


Specialization : Biblical Theology Specialization : Dogmatic and Sacramental Theology Specialization : Moral Theology Specialization : Patristic Theology Specialization : Religious Theology Common Core Seminar
SEM620Seminar 1
1 credits
SEM665Seminar 10
1 credits
SEM625Seminar 2
1 credits
SEM630Seminar 3
1 credits
SEM635Seminar 4
1 credits
SEM640Seminar 5
1 credits
SEM645Seminar 6
1 credits
SEM650Seminar 7
1 credits
SEM655Seminar 8
1 credits
SEM660Seminar 9
1 credits


The Pontifical School of Theology through its master program aims to become a center of teaching and research for the Truth. It is called “to offer the decisive contribution of leaven, salt and light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the living Tradition of the Church, which is ever open to new situations and ideas” (Veritatis Gaudium, Preamble, 3). It has a twofold purpose: first, “to deepen and systematically expose, according to the scientific method peculiar to it, the Catholic doctrine drawn from the sources of Divine Revelation, then to seek, in the light of this Revelation, solutions to the problems that men face” (cf. Sapientia Christiana, Art. 66; Art. 3) “in various cultures” (Veritatis Gaudium, Art. 3,1), according to the four criteria of Veritatis Gaudium: a. The prioritized and permanent criterion is that of contemplation and spiritual, intellectual and existential introduction into the heart of the kerygma, i.e., of the new and fascinating joyous proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus; b. Dialogue in all areas: not as a mere experience of the joy of Truth and to deepen its meaning and practical implications; c. Inter and transdisciplinarity exercised with wisdom and creativity in the light of Revelation; d. A fourth and final criterion concerns the urgent need to “forge a network” between various institutions which, throughout the world, cultivate and promote ecclesiastical studies” (Veritatis Gaudium, Preamble, 4).

Program Educational Objectives

1. Graduates will acquire fidelity to the Catholic Church Magisterium.
2. Graduates will consider particularly the great richness of Oriental Traditions.
3. Graduates will communicate the truth of the Gospel in the midst of religious pluralism without renouncing the truth.
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