Pontifical School of Theology


Under the official mandate given to the School by the Lebanese Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in 1974 and ratified by Rome in 1982, the Pontifical School of Theology works hard to ensure its students, most of which are preparing for ministry, receive a university theological education initiating students to the theological speech’s critical and analytical method by promoting a constructive dialogue with other university majors especially philosophy and humanities. The Catholic Church in Lebanon recognizes through this choice that university theology is necessary to the revival of the pastoral ministry in the Church.

In addition, the Pontifical School of Theology is fully aware that its vocation is to be “oriental” and “catholic” just like the Church from which it depends and which it serves. Our school, with the help of the Liturgy Institute affiliated to it, has been concentrating since its foundation on shedding the light the best way possible on the oriental theology and its dogmatic, liturgical and spiritual components without neglecting occidental theological thought. Through this double approach, the school aims at providing a theological teaching in an ecumenical spirit.

The Pontifical School of Theology consists of the following programs:

Undergraduate Studies

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Graduate Studies

  • Master of Arts in Theology

Doctoral Studies

  • PhD in Theology
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