Pontifical School of Theology

PhD in Theology

60 credits


Core Courses
DOC814Research Methods and Literature Review
3 credits
The main purpose of this course is to provide advanced comprehensive understanding of the diverse research methods used in the Social Sciences, and to convey the necessary practical skills required for their application. Students will gain an overview of research intent and design, methodology and technique for conducting meaningful inquiry and research.
DOC812Research, Bibliography and Webography
3 credits
This seminar covers a variety of aspects relevant to the planning, execution, and reporting of research. It is intended to develop a research orientation rationale among postgraduate students and scholars and to acquaint them with the fundamentals of research methods. The seminar, specifically, aims at introducing them to the basic concepts used in research.
PhD Seminar Series
Selective Research Seminars to be validated from available offerings
9 credits
Selective Research Seminars to be validated from available offerings
PhD Workshop Series
12 qualifying workshops from multidisciplinary subjects
12 qualifying workshops from multidisciplinary subjects
Thesis Work


The mission of this canonical program is to equip students with an advanced understanding and expertise in theology, enabling them to become competent scholars, educators, and practitioners who contribute to the continuous reform of Theology.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Graduates will be able to organize, carry out, and contribute to research in Theology by acquiring research skills that they can use in their future academic endeavors.
2. Graduates will be able to demonstrate proficiency in teaching in their field.
3. Graduates will be able to serve in the church, seminaries, and institutions to reflect on the importance of Theology to the community and the institution as a whole.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:
a. access relevant resources when studying one's field, evaluate and critically examine other people's research, and combine one's own discoveries with the body of current knowledge.
b. use a range of techniques to support and assess learning within a course.
c. commit to cooperative research, coaching, publishing, and other means of knowledge transfer, as well as individual professional growth via academic societies.

Degree Requirements

Students are expected to fulfill 15 credits of courses and seminars as well as 45 credits of Thesis. In addition, students are expected and urged to complete 12 qualifying workshops (0 credits) from multidisciplinary subjects during their years of study that will be counted towards the completion of their program.
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