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Computers and internet use policy

USEK Library offers its users access to the internet and a large number of electronic resources on and off campus. These resources are to be used for educational and research matters.

This policy outlines the acceptable manner of using computers and internet facilities in the USEK Library and is applicable to all library users across all branches.

1. Accessing the internet and electronic resources is available to anyone with an USEK account, which can be obtained from the IT Service Desk;

2. Using the facilities for illegal actions such as spreading viruses willingly, violating the copyright or intellectual property laws (such as installing or downloading personal copies of software which are not legally obtained and licensed by USEK) and/or damaging computers, computer systems or files is prohibited;

3. Leaving personal files on Library computers will result in their loss as all files are automatically deleted by the University system at the end of the day;

4. Using the facilities for commercial purposes or for political lobbying is forbidden;

5. Using or importing offensive, obscene, disruptive or inflammatory language, pictures, or other similar materials on any computer in the Library is prohibited;

6. Respecting the privacy of others (e-mails and personal documents) and not using the computers and internet facilities to disrupt the work of other users is a major code of personal ethics and should be upheld;

7. Posting mass mailings and generating unnecessary multiple jobs is not allowed; this may create unnecessary or excessive output or printing and cause excessive network traffic;

8. Using the facilities for personal e-mailing and chatting in the Library should be kept at a minimum;

9. Accessing electronic resources for teaching, learning and research is the main purpose of the facilities we offer as stated in the Electronic Resources Use policy);

10. The Library will not install blocking software but reserves the right to install monitoring/logging software which records use of a computer and to take disciplinary action against a user who has violated this policy;

11. To enable fair and equitable access to the workstations, staff are authorized to remove personal belongings from unattended workstations.
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