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Filming and Photography and Recording Policy

The Library may be used as a location for filming, photographing and/or recording.
This policy establishes the terms and conditions under which the Library space may be used for filming, photography and/or audio recording by members of the University community, and individuals or organizations external to the University.

Accessible Locations

In general, filming, photography and recording may be allowed in the following areas, and must occur during Library regular opening hours:
  • Reading Room 1
  • Reading Room 2
  • Multi-Purpose Room
  • Basement Stacks
  • Staff Offices
  • Conservation and Restoration Center (CRC)
  • Digital Development Center (DDC)

Filming of the exteriors of the Library is welcomed as long as it does not block entrances or prevent library users from accessing the building.

Reservations and Terms

  • Permission to film, photograph or record in the Library must be authorized by the Library and the University Administration;
  • Both USEK and non-USEK users (media representatives, production companies, commercial organizations) must submit an online library permission request for each project:
    USEK users please submit this form
    Non-USEK users please submit this form
  • All requests should be submitted in advance, no less than ten (10) working days for USEK users and twenty (20) working days for non-USEK users;
  • Requests are based on a first-come-first-serve policy;
  • The applicant will be sent an email notification once the request has been approved;
  • The Library will cancel the request if the applicant fails to contact the Library within five (5) working days of receiving the notification;
  • It is advised that the requestor visit the Library to ensure the location fits the required needs;
  • The applicant should be available at least three (3) days before the scheduled date to discuss the necessary preparations with the Library Administration;
  • The applicant should be available at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the session to confirm completion of preparations;
  • All filming/photography and recording must be completed and equipment removed from the building prior to the posted closing time;
  • In the event of any change or cancellation, the Library should be notified promptly;
  • Special events, conferences, seminars, etc., held in the Library facilities may be recorded or filmed by the Library or USEK administration. The reproductions may be copied, displayed or published (including on the Library website) for publicity or marketing purposes.

Filming, Photography and Recording Hours

  • All filming, photography and recording must occur during the Library regular opening hours;
  • Other circumstances such as extensions beyond regular hours are to be discussed with the Library Administration;
  • The Library reserves the right to delay, reschedule or cancel sessions due to an unforeseen situation or need of the library to preempt the space.


The Library is a space where USEK students, faculty, staff and members of the public study, conduct research and use information resources and services, and appropriate conditions must be maintained for staff and users at all times.

Our Library Conduct Policy is designed to set the framework for providing a minimal noise environment;

  • As such, the following are strictly prohibited:
    - Interference with the study, research, privacy, or safety needs of library users;
    - Interference with the ability of library staff to function;
    - Blockage of access to exits, stairways, corridors, doorways, and other library facilities;
    - Filming, photography or recording during midterms or near final examinations;
  • The filmmaker/photographer will be responsible for returning library facilities to the original condition found before the session started;
  • Library staff will not be responsible for moving furniture, setting up film shots, or assisting with the project setup or take down;
  • Library users and staff must not be disturbed or asked to move;
  • Library services must not be interrupted, especially during peak times;
  • The Library reserves the right to terminate any filming, photography, or recording that causes an undue disturbance, violates the policy of the Library, or poses a safety risk to users and staff;
  • The Library may not be held liable for crew or participant safety or for any damage or loss of equipment, materials, supplies, etc.;
  • Camera dollies, smoke, and smoke effects are not allowed;
  • Members of the USEK community may not use film or photography for commercial or non-commercial purposes beyond their immediate academic pursuits;
  • Applicants must refrain from photographing, filming or recording people without their awareness or permission. They must obtain the prior consent of any individual who will appear in close-up shots or be the subject of the photography, filming or recording;
  • Applicants are required to request copyright permission for the use of any copyrighted material;
  • The librarian on duty must be advised of any problems which arise during the session;
  • The applicant assumes full responsibility for costs associated with damage to the premises which may occur as a result of the session;
  • Smoking and open flames are not permitted in any Library facility;
  • Food and beverages are not allowed on the Library premises;

Rights and Responsibilities

  • The applicant will not release any film, photography or recording made in the Library before the Library Administration previews the final production;
  • The applicant will credit the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) Library on screen, and in the script, during the broadcast program as the source of the records;
  • Any applicant who fails to adhere to these terms may not be allowed to use the Library in the future.

For further information, please contact the Library Administration
By phone: +961 9 600384
By email:
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