The Student Job Program on offer in many administrative and academic units gives active students the opportunity to work on campus in parallel with their studies in order to benefit from reductions on their tuition fees.

Students can work up to 15 hours a week depending on the job position and availability.

Students are to submit an online application within the dates mentioned on the Academic Calendar.

Eligible students
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who have validated at least one semester at USEK
  • Registered/enrolled students

Non‐eligible students
  • First semester students
  • Students placed on probationary situation
  • Students who are the object of disciplinary action before the Disciplinary Council
  • Students who were the object of a negative feedback by their supervisor or the SAO
  • Postgraduate students

Worksheet and reductions
  • Students should submit their working hours online daily and the supervisor should approve all the validated hours on the worksheet system. Unapproved hours will not be discounted;
  • The reduction amounts granted for the student job are listed in the chart below;
  • Students should validate all the required hours by the end of the semester under pain of having to redeem the discount difference;
  • Students cannot validate more than the required hours per semester as the overflow will not be discounted;
  • If students are already benefiting from a financial aid, the cumulative discount with the student job reduction can reach 45% and in case of financial aid and merit scholarship, the cumulative discount the student job reduction can reach 65%;
  • The SAO will audit the assistants’ work based on their work schedule on a regular basis.

Semester           Hours
per week
          Required hours
per semester
Fall            5            75           $300
             10            115           $600
             15            225           $900
 Spring            5            75           $300
             10            115           $600
             15            225           $900
 Summer            5            75           $100
             10            115           $200
             15            225           $300
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