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Minor in History of Lebanon and the Middle East

16 credits
For students entering the program at the Sophomore level
(holders of a recognized Baccalaureate or Freshman diploma - equivalent to 30 credits)


The program aims to introduce students to the history of the region they live in, which constitutes their direct heritage. Students will learn about eastern history, especially the history of Lebanon and the history of the Middle East since ancient times.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will be able to recognize and analyze the historical, economic, geographic, political and social matters related to the historical events of the various periods of the history of Lebanon.
2. Students will be apt to integrate the correct historical terminology into any related discussion, and relate current situations in their specialization and career to historical events.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will master the basics of museology, conservation, restoration and publishing, simultaneously distinguishing Lebanon’s museums, art and historical heritage.
b. Students will understand great contemporary issues while contextualizing them in past time and space and interconnecting history and other various matters such as human habitat, distribution and activities.
c. Students will grasp the numerous historical productions of the concerned period, notably architecture, paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, digital and graphic arts.
d. Recognize historical facts, problems and events in Lebanon’s contemporary period.
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