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Minor in Sacred Art: Plastic Arts

18 credits
For students entering the program at the Sophomore level
(holders of a recognized Baccalaureate or Freshman diploma - equivalent to 30 credits)


The sacred art minor in plastic arts is specifically designed to explore several plastic arts techniques, and to understand their technical and esthetic history in order to create new artworks.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will learn and demonstrate skills involved in different field in plastic arts.
2. Students will experiment in various approaches to the visual arts.
3. Students will create and produce new artworks.

Program Outcomes

a. Identify the time periods, geographical and stylistic characteristics of the major art movements covered in this minor.
b. Understanding and applying the basic skills and process to produce an artwork in the minor arts field.
c. Experiencing artistic knowledge and skills within a creative support system to create new paintings according to different techniques.
d. Developing skills to promote and value artworks.
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