Student Affairs Office


In partnership with the ODP-SDEM, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) assists students with any problem they might face throughout their academic journey with respect to USEK bylaws and regulations.
The SAO’s well-trained team develops and implements quality ethical programs and services that empower all USEK students to overcome obstacles, encourage their team spirit engagement outside of the classroom, amplify the institutional learning outcomes in innovation and creativity, and impact their lifelong learnings, personal development, and growth. 


The SAO strives to become the office that defends the students’ voice and ensure a safe environment for their well-being, while increasing their sense of belonging during their educational journey at USEK and beyond.
The Student Affairs Office (SAO) oversees the following student services:
  • Link students to their academic units.
  • Offer advisory services related to policies and procedures.
  • Assist with petitions, complaints, and Disciplinary Council proceedings.
  • Manage the University Residence.
  • Link applicants to on-campus student jobs.
  • Update students on the latest announcements and University-related news.

In addition to overseeing the Sports Department and the University’s various sports teams, the SAO also covers the following areas, among others:
  • Social and cultural activities, including student clubs and talent programs.
  • Rewards system.
  • Soft skills training.
  • Student Voice.
  • Resident Assistants.
  • Orientation sessions.
  • Commencement exercises.
  • Laptop lending.
  • Borrowing (board games, sports, …).
  • Lost and found items.

Student Support Center
If you have an unanswered question or request, contact us at Our services include, among others:
  • Providing remote support to channel requests to the proper student service office.
  • Helping students address issues that do not fall within the scope of a specific student support office/unit.
  • Assisting students with complex problem resolution, in particular questions or concerns that involve multiple University units simultaneously.
Everything you need to know about our student job program.


The Student Job Program gives students the chance to get valuable work experience on campus and a reduction in tuition fees.

Students can work up to 15 hours a week for administrative and academic units depending on the job position and availability.

Eligible Students

Undergraduate and graduate students who have completed at least one semester at USEK.

Non-eligible Students

  • First semester students
  • Postgraduate students
  • Students on probation
  • Students subject to disciplinary action before the Disciplinary Council
  • Students with a negative performance review from their supervisor or the SAO

Worksheet and Reduction

Students submit their working hours daily.
The supervisor validates the hours on the worksheet system.

To apply

To apply, contact us at

Your home away from home


Established in November 2007, the University Residence offers self-catering accommodation with single, double, triple, or triple/single rooms that are modern, affordable, comfortable, and spacious.

The residence provides multiple private and common spaces for studying, relaxing, and socializing to make sure you feel happy and safe living on campus. 


Located on the northeastern side of campus, the University Residence is close to conference and lecture halls, the University Restaurant, and beautiful green spaces. 


The University Residence is open on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


The University Residence can accommodate up to 168 students over 6 floors, with a shared kitchen on each floor.


Discover available options visiting the SAO or emailing us at:


University Residence rooms are in high demand, so it is advisable to reserve a place at the earliest opportunity. Once full capacity is attained, incoming requests will be placed on a waiting list, with priority going to full-time female students residing far away from the University.

For more information: or +961 9 600 280.
  • Link students to departments and schools
  • Latest announcements and news
  • Advisory services related to policies and procedures
  • Petitions
  • Student Support Center
  • First-aid services/Infirmary
  • Hall of residence
  • On-campus student jobs
  • StEER-LEB Support
  • StEER-LEB MOOC modules
  • StEER-LEB Student Development Center
  • StEER-LEB Structure
  • Orientation sessions for newcomers
  • Sports Department
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Lost and found objects

    Peggy Maalouf
Assistant Deputy President for
Student Development and
Director for the Student Affairs Office 
    Rami Aidamouni    
Student Development Supervisor
    Sandrine Saliba    
Student Life Supervisor
  Sabine Rached    
Student Life Coordinator
    Melissa Abdel Samad
Senior Student Life Specialist
    Yara El Kai
Student Life Officer

Opening hours:
Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed on USEK holidays)

Tel.: (+961) 9 600 280
Campus: Building AC, Ground Floor


Operating under the Student Affairs Office (SAO), the Sports Department is responsible for:
  • Providing opportunities for students to participate in various sports and recreational activities, regardless of their skill level.
  • Fostering a sense of community and spirit through sports events and activities.
  • Promoting physical fitness and well-being among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Offering a range of sports classes, including but not limited to basketball, football and fitness, while promoting physical fitness and well-being for Staff and Faculty members.
  • Providing access to sports equipment and facilities such as sports fields to encourage physical activity and exercise.
  • Developing programs and initiatives that promote student-athlete development, including academic support and leadership training that can help attract and retain talented athletes.
  • Encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play among participants.
  • Offering incentives and rewards, such as discounts to encourage athletes to participate in sports teams.
  • Enhancing the overall reputation and image of the institution through the accomplishments of its athletic programs.
  • Promoting leadership, responsibility, and time management skills through participation in sports.
  • Recruiting and retaining talented athletes to represent USEK in intercollegiate competitions.
  • Partnering with other institutions and/or organizations that can help the sports department achieve its goals more effectively and efficiently.

Meet the team

  • Jenny Nassar: University Sports Coordinator
  • Joseph Afif: Men and Women Basketball Coach
  • Fadi Kassis: Table Tennis Coach
  • Nicolas Kassis: Tennis Coach
  • Elie El Nar: Men and Women Volleyball Coach
  • Jihad Abi Nakhoul: Men and Women Futsal Coach
  • Lindzi Nader: Swimming Coach

Welcome to the Student Support Center.

We work together with all the student support offices to assist students with a full range of help and support from first inquiry to graduation.

  • Organize the flow of internal/external inquiries and requests received by email and refer pending matters to the student support office(s) concerned.
  • Provide remote support in rechanneling requests to the proper student service office.
  • Guide students to the student support office/unit best qualified to answer their queries.
  • Help students address issues that do not fall within the scope of any other student support office/unit.
  • Assist students with complex problem resolution, in particular questions or concerns that involve multiple University units simultaneously.
  • Provide students with general information regarding the University (opening hours, contact information, list of schools/faculty, etc.).

Contact our dedicated team at the Student Support Center for help at
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Tel.: (+961) 9 600 000
Fax : (+961) 9 600 100
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