Financial Aid Office

Who are we?

Our Mission
The Financial Aid Office is committed to the success of our students by eliminating financial obstacles, aiding them and their families in an efficient and courteous manner, while complying with the USEK bylaws and policies. We aspire to always treat all USEK students with care, respect, and confidentiality. Our team aims to overcome economic and societal challenges to enable our students and their families to seek, obtain, and make the best use of all financial resources.

Our Vision

The Financial Aid Office strives to be the reference in providing exceptional advisory services to foster the well-being of our students, their families, and our community with focus on care, respect, and access.
All our services aim to maintain your well-being and help you manage your tuition fees comfortably disregarding the issues that you are facing,

Explore them below, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

I. Submission/Renewal of the Financial Aid Application
II. Submission of an allowance request for siblings
III. Submission of discount request for the OLM relatives
IV. Spreading/postponing student tuition payments according to financial capacities
V. Facilitation of the enrollment of students with outstanding balance
VI. Social intervention - personal and familial
VII. Administrative Assistance: tuition fees follow-up, payment issue, discount not applied, etc.


Download the Financial Aid Application

Eligible students: Undergraduate and Graduate.

Non eligible students:
  • Students under academic probation
  • Students registered in less than 12 credits for undergraduates and 6 credits for graduate
  • Students enrolled in the School of Medicine and Medical sciences are not eligible to request any financial aid except for a sibling allowance, OLM relative discount and Alumni of an OLM school discount
  • Freshman students
  • Students enrolled in a continuing education course and UCLC
  • Students enrolled in executive certificates at the Business School
  • Students enrolled in one of the below double degree master programs:
    - Master of Business Administration - Human Resources 
    - Master of Business Administration - Management and International Affairs 
    - Master of Business Administration - Audit
    - Master of Business Administration - Financial Engineering
    - Executive MBA – Digital Management 
    - Master of Laws in International & Comparative Law 
    - Master in International Contracts
    - Master in Business Law

Time limit:
  • Current students : Submit/renew the online financial aid application form between February 1 and April 30 of the ongoing year to benefit from a reduction for the following year.
  • First-year students (fully registered) : Submit the online financial aid application form following their registration between September 1 and October 31.
  • New applicants (not yet registered) applying to study at USEK : Submit the financial aid application form after completing the admission procedure between July 1 and July 31.


  • The approved reductions are valid for one academic year only. You should renew your Financial Aid Application every year within the timeline set in the Academic Calendar.
  • If you are granted more categories of discount in addition to the FAO discount, only the higher reduction will be applicable. The FAO sets the amount of the global reduction, considering your socioeconomic situation.

The FAO reserves the right to cancel an allocated reduction if:
  • Data given to the FAO is false
  • If a student is subject to disciplinary measures 
  • If a student is on probation

II. Submission of an allowance request for siblings

You are eligible to benefit from this allowance if several members of your family are simultaneously registered at USEK
  • 2 brothers / sisters: 10% for each
  • 3 brothers /sisters: 20% for each
  • 4 and above brothers /sisters: 30% for each

You should submit the request once a year.

Eligible students: Undergraduate and Graduate

Time limit: c/of the academic calendar

Required documents:
You can send the required documents in soft copy by email to or submit a hard copy to FAO front desk.

III. Submission of a request for an OLM relative discount

If you are a brother, sister, nephew, or niece of an OLM member, the relevant person should fill the form below only once during your academic path.
Eligible students: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate, and Continuing education
Time limit: within one month after the beginning of the first semester.

Required documents:
Request form English Version - Arabic Version

You can send the required documents in soft copy by email to or submit a hard copy to FAO front desk.

IV. Spreading/postponing of the student’s tuition fees

If you wish to pay your tuition fees in a customized calendar with different deadlines than those pre-established in the academic calendar, you should contact us when the tuition fees are applied on your BANNER account.

Eligible students: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate.

Time limit: At the beginning of each semester whenever the tuition fees are applied.

Procedure: Visit us on campus, contact us by email, or via Teams.

V. Facilitation of the enrollment of students with outstanding balance

If you are unable to enroll in the upcoming semester due to an outstanding balance, you should contact the FAO. We will assist you in customizing the payment, considering your socioeconomic situation and the university administration policy.

Eligible students: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate.

Time limit: One month before the registration period.

Procedure: Visit us on campus, contact us by email, or via Teams.

VI. Social intervention - personal and familial

The Social workers are there for you to:
  • Assist you to overcome your fears or any other obstacle that prevents you from giving the best in your studies.
  • Listen to your concerns (orientation, analysis, reflection, etc.).
  • Orientate you towards internal and external resources or specialized experts or institutions.
  • Interfere in some cases with your family/parents, upon your approval

Eligible students: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate.

Time limit: All academic year long.

Procedure: Visit us on campus, contact us by email, or via Teams.
When you schedule an in-person or online interview, you are expected to follow through and be on time.

  • No Call/No Show” (NCNS) is when a student does not attend the interview, in-person or online, without prior notice.
  • Late Cancellation” is when a student cancels an interview on very short notice, typically on the same day.

NCNS is an inappropriate behavior since it leads to a loss of the staff’s valuable time and resources and disrupts other students’ scheduled appointments.

Regardless of whether the interview is in-person or online, it is mandatory to contact the Financial Aid Front Desk agent on +961 9 600 205/209 at least (2) two days before the scheduled appointment. The agent will reschedule it for a later date. If you cannot reach the Front Desk agent by phone, you can send an email to, apologizing for missing the interview and stating the due cause of your cancellation.

Failure to comply with the NCNS policy will expose you to the risk of not being granted financial aid for the ongoing semester.

Appeal: Any student who assumes being mistakenly identified as an NCNS or “Late Cancellation” may request an individual review of his/her case by the Director of the Financial Aid Office.
      Khalil Abboud
      Georgette Ghattas
Social Worker
(Law, History, Liturgy, Music, Philosophy,
Political and Administrative Sciences, Nursing Sciences,
Theology, Engineering) 
      Marie Thérèse Mouallem
Social Worker (Business, Agricultural and Food Sciences,
RUC Chekka)
      Hanane Khaled
Social Worker
(Fine Arts)
      Aline Nurpetelian
Social Worker (Fine Arts, Sciences)
      Janine Nasser Richa
Social Worker
(Letters, RUC Zahleh, RUC Rmeich)
      Rana Bou Sleiman
Administrative Assistance

Opening hours:
Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed on USEK holidays)

Tel.: (+961) 9 600205/9
Campus: Building AC- Ground floor.
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Tel.: (+961) 9 600 000
Fax : (+961) 9 600 100
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