Delivered Documents
Administrative documents which students can apply for are the following:
  • Certificate of registration or of continuation of studies (in Arabic, French or English)
  • Certificate of training (in Arabic, French or English)
  • Certificate of tuition fees(in Arabic, French or English)
  • Certificate of membership in the National Social Security Fund (in Arabic)
  • Official academic transcript (in English)
  • Diploma (in Arabic and English)
  • Certificate of graduation (in Arabic, French or English)
Apply for an administrative document
In order to apply for an administrative document, the student is required to fill out the appropriate form. The existing various forms are available on the intranet MyUSEK and/or at the Registrar Office and/or the Secretariat of the Faculty/Institute.

Fees should be installed at the Accounting Office – Students’ Service; a receipt will then be given to the student which should be attached to the application while submitting it.

No requests for administrative documents can be submitted before the fourth week of classes.

Withdrawal of a requested administrative document
Any requested document (except for a diploma or a certificate of completion of studies) will be retrieved five working days after the submission of the request.

Students can retrieve the requested administrative documents in three different ways:
  • The student can retrieve the requested administrative document in person. The documents will be, personally, handed to him/her when the student shows his/her student ID.
  • The student can mandate an authorised representative, whose name will be stated, when filing the request. This person will be requested to show a personal ID, in order to retrieve the documents.
  • The requested documents will be sent, by mail, to the address specified by the student in the form which was previously filed (postal fees will be paid, in advance, at the Accounting Office – Students' Service).

Official documents, which are not retrieved within a one-month deadline, will be recorded in the student's file.

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