1- Do you have a sample CV that I can use?
Yes, you can request a sample CV from the CSO team. For additional assistance in writing your CV, email us at to schedule a meeting.
2- How can I schedule an advisory appointment?
To book an advisory appointment, simply send an email to
3- If I am seeking an internship, can you assist me?
Certainly! Send us an email at with your preferences, and we will promptly respond to help you find a suitable internship.
4- Where can I find updates on the latest job openings?
Job openings, when received, are regularly posted on our social media platforms.
5- I have a job interview tomorrow. Can you help?
Absolutely! To receive assistance, book an advisory appointment by emailing us at
6- Can you help me with my LinkedIn profile?
Certainly! For LinkedIn profile assistance, please email us at, and we will guide you through the process.
7- How can I create or enhance my professional portfolio?
For guidance on creating or enhancing your professional portfolio, check with your faculty or dean, who can provide specific insights tailored to your academic field.
8- What is the name of the company on the social media post?
Please refer to to get more info about the job vacancies.
9- How can I connect with you online?
Find us on Facebook under "USEK Career Services Office" and on Instagram at @usek_cso. We share internship and job opportunities, as well as information about upcoming online workshops and activities.
10- Where can I obtain the internship application form?
You can obtain it from the Office of the Registrar.
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