1- How and when should I apply for financial aid?
If you want to apply for financial aid, you must submit a Financial Aid Application on this link within the deadlines mentioned on the Academic Calendar.
2- Do I need to apply for financial aid each year?
Financial aid is not automatically renewed; approved reductions are valid for one academic year only.
3- What documents are required to apply for financial aid?
The Financial Aid Application is totally confidential and should be completed carefully by the student and his/her parents (or tutor) and submitted online, with all the required documents listed within the application on this link.
4- Can I benefit from multiple discounts?
In case of cumulative discounts, the highest percentage will be applicable. If you benefit from a financial aid granted by the Financial Aid Office (FAO) and you are later eligible for another discount, the FAO sets the amount of the global reduction after considering your socioeconomic situation.
5- Can I spread my tuition fees over installments?
You should pay your tuition fees within the deadlines specified in the Academic Calendar. However, in some cases, the FAO may spread the payment of tuition fees over several months according to a payment calendar set in keeping with your financial capacities.
6- Can I pay all the semester fees in 1 installment?
Yes, you may refer to our office by email or just walk in.
7- Does my financial aid discount percentage change from year to year?
The financial aid percentage is maintained, adjusted, or even cancelled based on your socio-economic situation and the changes that may occur from one year to another.
8- Is financial aid available for students applying for international exchange?
Students registered at USEK maintain their discount if they ever do an international exchange semester directed by the International Affairs Office (IAO).
9- Am I eligible to benefit from the loan agreement without applying for the financial aid file?
No; active students must submit the financial aid file link to benefit from the loan agreement option.
10- How can I apply for a loan agreement if I am an active student?
If you are interested in applying for the loan agreement option, you should request it in your financial aid file.
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