1- When should I apply for NSSF?
From September till the end of October of each year.
2- How to apply to NSSF and what are the required documents?
In case you should apply to the NSSF or not, you may yearly pass by the NSSF Office or send them an email on time.

If you are already registered, you should bring the official documents (NSSF, COOP, Army, under the name of your parents, the company you work in, etc.)

If you are not registered, you only need your national ID and a document proofing that you are not covered anymore if you were previously covered.
3- What does the NSSF cover?
If you are registered under the USEK NSSF, we cover hospitalization in (90%) and out (lab tests + medication 80%).
4- If I already have a NSSF coverage, what should I do?
You should present the proofing documents every year within the deadline mentioned on the Academic Calendar.
5- Can I benefit from insurance?
Yes, only if an accident happens on campus.
6- Do I have to renew my NSSF profile every year?
Yes. You should pass by the NSSF Office to renew it. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for deadlines.
7- What does the 135$ in the tuition fees stand for?
This stands for the NSSF coverage under USEK’s name.
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