1- How can I join any USEK sports team?
To become a part of our sports teams, you must participate in the tryouts. The coach will assess your performance during the tryouts to determine your skill level. Tryouts opportunities and schedules are announced on our social media channels (Instagram: USEK Official, or USEK sports / Facebook page: USEK Sports Teams).
2- When are the tryouts scheduled?
Usually, tryouts are conducted at the beginning of the Fall Semester, specifically during the 2nd or 3rd week of September. Dates are announced on our social media platforms.
3- Are tryouts conducted during the Spring Semester?
Tryouts are not usually called for during the Spring Semester. However, they may be held in spring if the coach requests it, especially if a player graduates or leaves the team.
4- Am I eligible and how do I benefit from a scholarship if I join any sports team?
Yes, you do benefit from a scholarship if you join any of our sports teams starting the 2nd semester of your commitment with the team.
5- What is the maximum percentage of scholarship granted to athletes?
Our sports scholarship ranges from 10% to 50%.
6- How is my scholarship percentage calculated?
The percentage is granted based on the coach’s assessment, taking into consideration your performance, commitment to training and games, and other relevant criteria.
7- What sports are available at USEK?
USEK currently has 6 teams in basketball (men and women), volleyball (men and women), futsal (men and women), tennis (mixed), table tennis (mixed), and swimming. We are also in the process of launching 4 new teams for chess, cheerleading, handball, and track and field.
8- Will my scholarship be forfeited if I am placed on probation?
Yes, you will lose your scholarship if your cumulative GPA falls below 70/100 for undergraduate students or below 80/100 graduate students.
9- What kinds of competitions do USEK sports teams take part in?
Our teams primarily participate in the Lebanese University league, which is organized by the Lebanese Federation of University Sport (FSUL). We may also take part in international leagues if such opportunities arise.
10- Do you have any social media platforms where I can follow your updates and posts?
You can follow us on:
11- How do I book sports facilities?
To reserve the court/table tennis section, please send an email to, specifying your preferred day and time.
12- Can I use your equipment?
Once your reservation of the court/table tennis section is approved by the Sports Department, and if you intend to use USEK equipment, please visit the Student Affairs office (AC003) to sign the Sports Equipment Rules before your reservation.
13- Is it possible to request the creation of a new team?
If you wish to establish a new team alongside our existing ones, please contact the Sports Department at to discuss eligibility and the necessary steps.
14- Is there a cheerleading team I can join?
We are in the process of establishing a new cheerleading team for the USEK Sports Teams. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Sports Department at:
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Tel.: (+961) 9 600 000
Fax : (+961) 9 600 100
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