1- How can I send a petition?
You may send an email, mention your full name, ID, course CRN, attach all proofing documents you may have, and explain the case. You should allow 3 to 4 days to receive the SAO’s feedback (whether positive or negative).
2- How can I have a recommendation letter
You may ask any one of your instructors or your advisor for a recommendation letter.
3- How and when do I collect my cap and gown?
Details about the cap and gown collection will be shared with you by email once ready.
4- What is the role of an advisor?
Upon registration and for the duration of your enrolment, you can refer to your assigned Academic Advisor who will guide your choices and inform you about the current regulations.
5- Can I make a complaint about an instructor/employee/student/course?
Yes, you can make these types of complaints by sending a petition by email.
6- What types of dorms does USEK have, and how room reservation can be done?
Dorms are restricted to girls only. There are 3 types of rooms: single, double and triple.
For reservations, you may refer to the Student Affairs Office.
7- Is there any guide I can rely on to know the student’s rights and duties and the University’s academic rules?
In order to have an official guide about the student’s rights and duties, as well as the USEK’s academic rules, you may refer to the Academic Rules and Student Life.
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