1- If I would like to study abroad, what should I do?
There are two ways for you to study abroad:
- Join an exchange program: Within this exchange program, you register in courses at USEK and spend one semester or one year in one of our partner universities. You should cover your tuition fees at USEK and benefit from a fee waiver at the host university. Your courses at USEK will be graded upon your return based on the grades you acquired at the host university. Please note that you cannot earn a degree from the host university.
- Apply for a full degree awarding program abroad: Applying to a full program abroad is beyond the scope of USEK’s partnerships, since you should apply on an individual basis for a university of your choice. Applications are to be submitted online to the host university in accordance with its own procedures in force (All needed details are to be checked on the website of the host university).
2- How can I choose a destination for a mobility program?
There are two types of student mobility programs:

Funded mobility programs by ERASMUS+: With this scholarship, you will benefit from the ticket fees and an allowance between 650 and 800 euros per month (This exchange program is highly competitive; selection interviews will be conducted to choose proper candidates). For an updated list of available funded scholarships, please contact us.

Non-Funded mobility programs: With this mobility type, you should cover your personal expenses and the ticket fees. You can find all the universities listed on our map of international collaborations.
3- How can I apply for a mobility program?
To apply, you should follow the steps below:

I. Confirm your eligibility with your advisor considering the following criteria:
Undergraduate students:
  • GPA: over 75 recommended
  • Number of validated credits: minimum of 30 credits

Graduate students:
  • GPA: over 80 recommended
  • Number of validated credits: minimum of 9 to 12 credits

II. Refer to the host university’s course catalogue (can be found online) and go through it carefully to find suitable courses to attend. Your advisor can assist you in this regard.

III. Once you have found courses that would match your curriculum, you can proceed with submitting an Outgoing Mobility Request.
4- Can I still benefit from a protocol scholarship while on a mobility program?
You should refer to Protocol Scholarship terms and regulations, as such inquiries are handled on case-by-case basis.
5- How can I benefit from and apply for the International Students Scholarship Program?
International students residing outside Lebanon as well as students with Lebanese origin residing abroad are eligible to apply, whereas binational students residing in Lebanon are not.

In addition, the scholarship covers full tuition fees for bachelor or master programs (excluding remedial courses). Application fees, registration fees per semester, travel to/from Lebanon, dorms and living expenses are to be covered by the applicant.
Interested students should submit the required documents by email.

Please visit our website to check the application, required documents, and deadlines for each semester.
6- What should I do in case I want to apply for a full program abroad?
Applying for a new program is beyond the scope of USEK’s partnerships with international universities. However, the list of agreements might help you select your destination. You can access our Map of International Collaborations where you will find the agreements listed and divided by Faculty/School.

You can also access the links below which will assist you in your search:
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