1. Am I entitled to have a USEK Library account?
All USEK students, faculty, staff, and courtesy borrowers (alumni and visitors) who have current USEK identification cards are entitled to borrow items from the USEK Library. Make sure you have your USEK card with you for checking out and renewing items. Please note that your card cannot be used by anyone else.
2- How do I renew items I wish to keep for a longer period?
Items borrowed from the USEK Library may be renewed for an additional term depending on the type of item and the loan period. Items will not be renewed if:
  • the item is on hold by another user;
  • the item is placed on course reserve;
  • the borrower’s ID is blocked;
  • the loan has already been renewed twice;
  • the item has been recalled by the Library.
3- Can I copy/print/scan (CPS) documents in the Library?
The USEK Library is equipped with four self-service Copy-Print-Scan (CPS) multifunction machines, available in Kaslik’s campus. Other facilities are available in the branch libraries.

With the CPS system you can:
  • Scan items directly to your email, free of charge (USEK users, alumni, and visitors).
  • Save your print jobs in the print queue for a maximum of four (4) hours until you release the order by swiping your credited USEK ID card at the printer station.
  • your materials after swiping your credited USEK ID card at the CPS station.
4- Can I reserve a study room?
You can book one of our two (2) fully equipped study rooms located in the Library. These study spaces are ideal for independent study, working with a partner for collaborative project work, or course work meetings.

You can reserve a room online up to two (2) weeks in advance. Use this link to book your room.

Check our options and policies for further details on available equipment and on how to use the rooms.
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