1- How and when should I register for classes?
To register for the upcoming semesters, you should proceed with your course registration within the dates of the “Initial Registration” specified on the Academic Calendar online via Banner Self-service by following the steps below: – Quick Links – Banner – Enter Secure Area – Registration – Add or Drop classes – Select the term

Please insert the CRNs in the empty boxes (the CRNs are available in the course offering on the USEK website). You can consult your academic advisor about the required courses prior to the registration period, then click on “Submit”.

If any problem occurs while registering a course, you can submit an “Override Request ”.

You can drop or confirm and add your courses within the specified dates under “Registration Verification and Validation” and “Late Registration” on the Academic Calendar.
2- How do I withdraw from a course?
You can send an email to the Office of the Registrar within the specified deadlines on the Academic Calendar.
3- What is the minimum/maximum number of credits I can register?
For the Fall and Spring Semesters:
  • Undergraduates (full-time students): 12 to 18 credits
  • Graduates (full-time students): 6 to 12 credits
  • Students under probation: 12 to 13 credits

For the Summer Session:
  • Undergraduates and Graduates: 1 to 6 credits
4- What is Add/Drop and how does it work?
Once the registration period ends, you can modify your registration during the Add/Drop period. To do so, you can add or drop any desired course online, noting that no courses can be dropped during the Late Registration period for the Summer Session.

If you could not register within the set deadlines, you can undergo Late Registration during the Add/Drop period, but penalty fees will apply.
5- How do I override into a course?
You can submit your registration override requests for the ongoing semester as follows:
1. Login in to MyUSEK Platform and go to the Student Services Workspace.
2. In the Student Requests section, select the Registration Override Request 202330 form.
3. Add a new registration override request and fill in the required information by following the instructions shown on top of the page.
4. Save your progress and submit the request once done (requests in Draft status will NOT be processed).

Capacity overrides will not be processed through this form. For very exceptional issues related to class capacity, you must refer to your academic advisor(s).

You will first receive an email confirming that the request has been submitted, followed by another email indicating if the request has been accepted or rejected. If your request is accepted, it does not mean that you have been added to the class; you will have to add the course yourself.
6- How can I request a copy of my grade transcript or diploma?
You or any person can initiate a request at the Office of the Registrar or submit a request by email at:

You will receive an email to notify you once the document is ready. Document fees must be settled at the Students Accounting Desk. You may delegate a third party to retrieve the requested documents by sending an email.
7- How do I know if I am all set to graduate?
You must contact your academic advisor before every registration to check your academic progress.
8- How can I change my program?
If you wish to request a change of major or emphasis during your studies, you can submit a request at the Office of the Registrar within the deadlines set on the Academic Calendar. You have the right to change your major or emphasis only twice.
9- Where can I see my course offerings for the upcoming semester?
The course offerings for upcoming semesters are published online before the Registration period.
10- What are the procedures of interruptions and re-admissions?
If you wish to suspend or resume your studies at USEK, you must submit your request by email to the Office of the Registrar within the specified deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

If you are registered in a specific term and can no longer pursue your studies for major reasons, such as serious health problems or exceptional family circumstances, the grade WW (Term Withdraw) can be assigned to each course.

To obtain a Term Withdrawal, you must submit the Interruption of Studies and Term Withdrawal requests by email to the Office of the Registrar. An Interruption of Studies can only be granted once during your studies at the University and tuition fees must be settled as calculated upon registration.
11- How many consecutive interruptions can I have before being set out of program?
You can benefit from an Interruption of Studies only once during your studies at the University.

If the interruption lasts less than two years, you can apply for automatic re‐admission to your major after submitting a Re-admission Request.

However, if you interrupted your studies for more than two years and wish to pursue your education at USEK, you should submit a Re‐admission Request to the Office of the Registrar and the previously earned courses will be subject to re‐assessment.
12- Where can I see my Holds?
To check the holds, you will have to log into the Banner Self Service and follow the steps below:
Banner Student Self Service – Account Summary – View Holds
13- What if I disagree with a grade?
You have the right to ask, within the deadlines set on the Academic Calendar, for your course final grade to be re-checked by sending an email at You can ask for two grades at the most to be reviewed per semester or during the Summer Session. If the request is approved, your grade will be revised on your Banner account. If no changes are applied, the processing fees will be automatically charged to your account.
14- Is there a minor program at USEK?
Reserved for undergraduate studies with specific objectives defined according to each field, academic minors are achieved through a set of structured courses, not necessarily related to one discipline. Minors are expected to provide students with basic knowledge and primary competencies.

For more information, please refer to this link.
15- How are students considered for scholarships?
Merit scholarships are calculated at the end of each Fall and Spring Semesters. (currently not being applied!)

For more information, please refer to this link.
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